Trivandrum Human Care Foundation is a Kerala based charitable organization aims to improve the living standards of unprivileged people from all over India.  Trivandrum Human Care Foundation is run by a group of philanthropists, who reach out directly to support people with less fortune and transform the society in to a better place.This two year old foundation focuses on various fields in this society like educational support, Job assistance, marriage support scheme, building shelter to homeless people, Ramadan Kits, Relief works during natural calamities and much The Human Care foundation also has a research team to conduct special study  which helps the organization understand the occupational structure and the socio-economic condition of the minorities as well as people at large. Trivandrum Human Care Foundation is holding consultation with various software vendors to devise proper software applicable for all affiliated cooperative societies The amount for their activity is collected from likeminded people in the society, Trivandrum Human Care Foundation collected around 62Lakhs within 2 years.The future plan of Trivandrum Human Care Foundation includes adoption of an entire village and training them to be self sustainable.  Trivandrum Human Care Foundation also planning focus on rehabilitation of people.